Goetz Tower

1000 Central Avenue, Middletown


  • Developer/ Borrower:  Historic Developers, LLC
  • First Floor Commercial Space and 15 Market-Rate Apartment Units
  • Total Project Costs:  $2.9 million
  • Middletown Moving Forward provided a $600,000 loan for the project.

Goetz Tower is the conversion of a vacant historic buildings into 15 market-rate apartments and first floor commercial space.  The units will capitalize on the historic character and feature high-end contemporary finishes. Located on the Corner of Central and Main, Goetz Tower will be a major market-rate apartment development as a part of the revitalization of downtown.


Hook Drive



  • Developer/ Borrower:  City of Middletown
  • Infrastructure Redevelopment of Key Commercial Area
  • Total Project Costs:  $260,000
  • Middletown Moving Forward provided a loan for the project.

To accelerate development of the municipal airport area to attract and retain companies, the City of Middletown is redeveloping a portion of Hook Drive to ensure the appropriate access to and infrastructure for Hook Business Park.


Torchlight Pass

1131 Central Avenue, Middletown


  • Developer:  Torchlight Pass, LLC
  • Commercial: Retail and Office Space
  • Total Project Costs:  $680,000
  • Middletown Moving Forward provided a $80,000 construction loan for gap financing for this project.

Torchlight Pass is a redevelopment of a 40,000 sq. ft. four-story property with retail, office, and broadcast studio space at the intersection of Central Avenue and Verity Parkway. It is home to the Port Middletown full size mural and is adjacent to the Port Middletown water monument.  Support of the project allowed for completion of the redevelopment and facilitated a cohesive exterior setting between the site and the city’s historic landmarks.